Our approach

proven-system    Proven System

If there is anything that works for a plumbing company; it’s the proven system that Plumber Marketing Ninja offers it’s customers. An increasingly large number of plumbing business owners have realized that not all systems work as promised. Your time is too precious to waste on costly trials. With our proven system, you get a demonstrated framework that has worked for other plumbers and is bound to work for you hands down.


It’s high time you qualify as our Exclusive Area Partner. Want to know why ? Because by doing so you will be our exclusive focus in the area. We will effectively work only with you and decline all other prospects. To merit this One Area One Partner slogan just specify your ZIP code and rest assured of the privileged status. There are limited seats available to become our exclusive partner. Scramble now to get listed and let our system work for you.

We will exclusively market your business to reach out to customers in your local area. By becoming our exclusive partner, you will automatically block your competitors from using our system.

Our team of experts will strategically market your brand in your local area. We know what works for plumbing business and what does not. Our proven system has been engineered by industry professionals and can generate qualified leads in your territory.

call-tracking  CALL TRACKING

The brightest sparks you get out of our system are exclusive call tracking numbers, with exclusive area codes. The areas you are so familiar with and have been serving day in and day out. These numbers not only indicate your strong presence in the area but also help turn you up as the top plumbing contractor. In other words this means more calls all the time.

analytics  Analytics & Reporting

Plumber Marketing Ninja ( PMN) is a system that offers effective reporting mechanism to help plumbers make strategic business decisions. PMN system provides visually appealing custom dashboard for plumbers. The primary purpose of the dashboard is easy tracking of calls to analyze the ensuing data. Based on the data provided by PMN system, plumbers can take critical decisions and that is exactly what our custom dashboard is geared up for.

Another dazzling edge of PMN dashboard is the call recording feature. Each inbound call is automatically recorded and can be listened to later for quality and conversion. You can know exactly which call earned you a conversion and which didn’t. How well the call was handled by your sales representative ?

Taking it a step further, PMN system provides deeper insight into how well your plumbing business is performing? Our reporting mechanism provides weekly, bimonthly and monthly comprehensive reports on your financial spending and results our campaigns have generated for your business. Thus you can easily conduct cost-benefit analysis based on these detailed reports.


Sitting down with plumbers and discussing their marketing needs, over a cup of coffee has indeed become a way of life here at Plumbing Marketing Ninja. Over the years we have worked with so many of plumbers that now we know their needs like the back of our hands. We exactly know what works for a plumbing business and what does not. Years and years of experience with different plumbing agencies, their marketing campaigns, their keywords and their leads generation strategy has only added up to the evolution of an effective marketing solution for plumbers. It has worked for them , it must work for you.

Guaranteed Results Guaranteed Results

PMN system is successfully working for other plumbers. We are effectively generating qualified leads for over 100 customers in more than 30 cities. Our proven system guarantees results with 7 days turnaround. As leads gather momentum so will the conversions and ultimately your cash inflows. We have done it for other plumbers and we can do same for you.

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