Analytics & Reporting

Custom Dashboard

Plumber Marketing Ninja ( PMN) is a system that offers effective reporting mechanism to help plumbers make strategic business decisions. PMN system provides visually appealing custom dashboard for plumbers. The primary purpose of the dashboard is easy tracking of calls to analyze the ensuing data. Based on the data provided by PMN system, plumbers can take critical decisions and that is exactly what our custom dashboard is geared up for.  

Call Recording

Another dazzling edge of PMN dashboard is the call recording feature. Each inbound call is automatically recorded and can be listened to later for quality and conversion. You can know exactly which call earned you a  conversion and which didn’t. How well the call was handled by your sales representative ?

Comprehensive Reports

Taking it a step further, PMN system provides deeper insight into how well your plumbing business is performing? Our reporting mechanism provides weekly, bimonthly and monthly comprehensive reports on your financial spending and results our campaigns have generated for your business. Thus you can easily conduct cost-benefit analysis based on these detailed reports.